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Youth Program

We are currently accepting applications for students who will be juniors in 2018 for our 2018-2019 youth class.  Applications received before June 30th will be given priority, but we will continue to take applications through August 30th.

Students should first complete the online application then send the references and permission forms out.  An application will be considered complete once everything has been turned in.

Mission StatementThe Leadership Geauga Youth Program is designed to teach youth about Geauga County, develop leadership skills and encourage youth to serve their schools and be engaged in their communities. The program was developed to encourage youth to be civically engaged and provide an opportunity for young people to have a voice in shaping the future of the community where they live.

Program Goals

  • To educate youth in the role and history of Geauga County.
  • To identify and strengthen youth leadership skills.
  • To represent youth interests by serving as a liaison between the youth Leadership Geauga County Program and the adult Leadership Geauga County Program.
  • To empower youth to take an active role in Geauga County.
  • To provide opportunities for youth from different parts of Geauga County to know one another and develop a level of mutual trust and respect.
  • To develop mentor and internship relationships between members of the youth Leadership Geauga County Program and alumni of the adult Leadership Geauga County Program.

Program Core Beliefs

  • People are personally responsible for their choices and actions
  • Treating people with dignity and respect will enhance leadership
  • Attitude and goals drive achievement
  • All people can learn
  • All people can make positive contributions
  • All people can become leaders.

Participant criteria:

  • Geauga County residents in the junior year from the all high schools and “Home schools”serving Geauga County Students
  • Must be in good academic standing and have better than 80% school attendance during the freshman and sophomore years of school
  • A willing to make the commitment to attend at least 80% of all program activities.

Cost: Tuition is $400 for the year-long program (this cost includes an overnight retreat, transportation and lunch on each program day).  Leadership Geauga strives to ensure that cost isn’t a barrier to participation.  Please contact Melanie Scanlon, Executive Director, if you have concerns about your ability to afford this leadership experience.

Program CurriculumThe curriculum will be similar to the adult Leadership Geauga County program, but will be adapted to meet the needs of the Youth Program Mission and the needs of the participants.  The youth class days will follow the Adult Class days topically and the plan for those youth days will be a function (and a responsibility) of the Leadership Geauga County Youth Program Committee.  All of our local school districts support the Leadership Geauga Youth Program and make accommodations for the days missed at school.

Please refer to the youth program schedule for more information.

The youth program is proudly sponsored by University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center: