Request for Proposals for Heritage Program Projects

Submit Your RFP

You are invited to submit a proposal for consideration by the Leadership Geauga Board of Trustees and the Heritage Program Class of 2021 Committee.

About Leadership Geauga and the Heritage Program

Formed in 1995, Leadership Geauga is a community-based nonprofit organization working to develop and encourage current and future leaders from a cross section of Geauga County. The program exposes them to our communities realities, opportunities and challenges so that they may positively contribute to Geauga’s economic, social, and civic development.

The third and newest Program under the Leadership Geauga organization’s program portfolio is the Heritage Program, focused on retirees, and soon-to-retire individuals. The Program offers the opportunity for experienced leaders to deepen their understanding of Geauga County assets, and define their next chapter of community involvement through collaborative problem-solving.

The goal of the Heritage Program is to create meaningful change in the community. Participants will learn about the community by meeting with local leaders and will see ways they can utilize their time and talents to create positive change. This is where your projects come in. Successful projects are well defined, with a specific request for engagement from a county agency or nonprofit, along with a targeted outcome for that engagement.

RFPs will be accepted from agencies and groups that need assistance with a project that they can’t solve o n their own.

Considerations for your application

  • Outline a project or initiative that serves the Geauga County community;
  • Be realistic about expectations for team involvement (i.e., the hours that participants will focus on the project and the timing of the program);
  • Be willing to engage with a Focus Project/Heritage Program team for at least 90 days. There may be potential for phases that would exceed the 90 project commitment.
  • Have a clear understanding that this engagement does not involve soliciting monetary donations or grant monies.
  • Leadership Geauga and the Heritage Program will not consider Project Requests from religious organizations for sectarian purposes, for-profit companies, sports teams or political organizations.
  • Acknowledge that services will be performed as jointly outlined once the initial project is approved, and the Heritage Program participants are professionals doing volunteer work.

2021 Heritage Class RFP

Beginning this year, The Heritage Program will receive and review proposals together for team projects.  A committee appointed by the Leadership Geauga Board of Trustees and the 2021 Heritage Class participants will review the Request for Proposals upon submission and will choose projects that meet the participants’ skills and community impact areas of interest. 

The Geauga County community benefits from the process through outcome-based Project Goals submitted upon a closing retreat October 5, 2021, following their 6-8 week class participation. The class will narrow down the projects for selection prior to closing retreat  and if your project is in the finalist group, you will be invited to join the class on October 5th to further discuss your project expectations and initiate the project.  Please save this date on your calendar.  Also be prepared to present your project prior to the Closing Retreat.  We may select a few projects that can be discussed during one of our Class Days.  If selected, we will confirm Class time and assist with your presentation.

Prior to submitting your application, please plan to meet via phone or Zoom with Pam Carson, Heritage Program Coordinator/Interim Executive Director, who will assist in helping you define your project and guide you through the RFP process.

Please call Pam at 216.538.3411 to schedule an interview.

Application Deadline is JULY 15th, 2021

Please submit your questions via email to: or call 216.538.3411

Pam Carson, Heritage Program/Interim Executive Director
Leadership Geauga 103 South Street, Suite 1
Chardon, OH 44024

Thank you for your interest!