Alumni Giving

Leadership Geauga alumni stand as our remarkable source of pride. With a network of over 1,000 graduates, Leadership Geauga encompasses individuals from every corner and industry within Geauga County. These accomplished alumni, who reside and/or work within Geauga County, frequently engage further by volunteering, taking on board roles, or pursuing political office after their program completion.

Why is alumni support important to Leadership Geauga?

It all begins with you! This network of alumni who share experiences of personal growth, individual empowerment, and enhanced knowledge of the Geauga County community are uniquely positioned to pass that legacy on to the next generation of leaders. Leadership Geauga is the conduit to make that happen.

These are the hallmarks of the Leadership Geauga experience:

CONNECTIONS: Networking to enrich your personal and professional life. “I’m a Leadership Geauga alumni” opens doors to business, civic, and government leaders.

FOUNDATION: The self-knowledge, skills, confidence, and community awareness gained from one’s Leadership adventure are relevant every day.

FRIENDSHIPS: Enjoy lasting, one-of-a-kind relationships based on shared experiences

COMMUNITY: With all of Geauga County as the classroom, gain a wider understanding of the traditions, history, and stories that connect us.  Team and collaborative skills enable alumni to engage and serve their profession, volunteer service, and the greater community with energy and determination.

GRATITUDE: Appreciation for the opportunity to enrich the community while enriching one’s own life and family.

IMPACT: Your involvement strengthens Leadership Geauga, supports work with current Adult, Youth, and Heritage classes, and offers lasting value to your alumni family and hundreds of Geauga County citizens and organizations.

We are very proud that you made it a priority to participate in Leadership Geauga. Thank you for supporting the dynamic work of creating future Geauga County leaders!

Our commitment

Leadership Geauga is committed to continuing the education and engagement of our alumni community.  To support the growth of the alumni community, Leadership Geauga hosts educational and networking events throughout the year.  We know that their success is our community’s success, and we remain committed to our alumni after graduation.

Operating Costs

Tuition covers less than 20% of Leadership Geauga’s annual operating costs. Alumni involvement and support help bridge the gap and provide new class members with exclusive access to people, projects, and events that drive progress across our region. To learn more about how we operate, view our Annual Report.