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Adult Program

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We are accepting applications for the 2019-2020 program which runs (September 2019-June 2020).

The cost for participating is $2,000 and is inclusive of all meals, travel and overnight accommodations for the program year.  Those with a financial need should contact Melanie directly as we have a small pool of scholarship money available.

Want to learn more about this one of a kind experience? Fact sheet 18-19 class

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Training Leaders in Geauga County for Geauga County

The purpose of Leadership Geauga County is to identify current and future leaders from a cross-section of Geauga County, exposing them to our community’s realities, opportunities and challenges so that they may positively contribute to Geauga’s economic, social and civic development.  The Leadership Geauga adult program is designed to develop a cadre of well-informed future leaders through first-hand educational experiences. The program seeks to enroll individuals who have a commitment to the Geauga County community and who are also interested in assuming greater responsibility for the future leadership of our county.

Students dedicate one full day a month for ten months (September through June) to these activities, which incorporate speakers, tours, panel presentations, and discussions.  Each interactive learning experience is designed to increase student awareness of community issues and concerns while cultivating and enhancing leadership, management and interpersonal skills.  In addition, participants begin the program with an overnight retreat, and are expected to assume responsibility for some independent assignments.

In order for communities to grow, they need a solid infrastructure—things like roads, natural capital like parks, social capital such as an arts scene and human capital, the ability to maximize the leadership of prominent people who serve out of a desire for the city to thrive.

Leadership Geauga program participants build human capital and participant’s capacity to lead through:

  • Cultivating a sense of self-awareness and identifying a leadership vision, mission, style and values.
  • Developing relationships with program participants, leadership alumni and community partners.
  • Exhibiting the ability to work effectively with those come from different backgrounds and have diverse interests; which includes understanding group dynamics and effective team work practices.
  • Developing a range of leadership skills and abilities such as effectively leading change, resolving conflict, and motivating others
  • Enhancing critical and reflective thinking abilities through an in-depth understanding of the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for growth available in Geauga County
  • Establishing a personal and professional commitment to participating in the growth and development of Geauga County