Nick Goers is the VP of Technology and Lead Developer at Company 119, a thriving local tech company. Graduating from Leadership Geauga in 2015, Nick’s personal and professional growth journey has been nothing short of impressive.

Nick is a devoted family man, living in the Westpark neighborhood with his wife, Kyle, their daughter, Lena, and their lovable pug, Mabel. In his spare time, Nick volunteers with Ghostbusters: Cleveland, where he dresses up as a beloved movie character and raises funds for charities like the Cleveland APL and Ronald McDonald House. Additionally, he’s an active member of the St. Edward High School Wings Auction planning committee, contributing to a cause that helps young men pursue quality education.

For Nick, Leadership Geauga proved to be a transformative experience. As a west sider working in Geauga County, the program allowed him to connect with amazing individuals and discover the area’s unique charm. These connections and his affinity for the region even influenced his decision to return to Company 119 after a year at a different employer! Moreover, his public speaking skills flourished through the program, helping him excel both personally and professionally.

Nick’s journey with Leadership Geauga paved the way for significant professional growth. The DiSC personality assessment was a game-changer for him, allowing him to identify and interact effectively with different personality types. As a result, he became an exceptional manager at Company 119, earning a promotion to VP of Technology and a leadership role within his team!

Nick was recognized for his outstanding commitment to St. Edward High School and received the prestigious St. Andrè Bessette, C.S.C. Award in 2023. This award celebrates his remarkable volunteer efforts, demonstrating how his involvement in the community has made a lasting impact.

Thank you, Nick, for being an inspiring leader, devoted family man, and active contributor to many communities. Your journey is a testament to the power of personal growth and community engagement through programs like Leadership Geauga!