Meet Jaime Fisher, the Founder of Fisher Integrated Care! 🏥🌿 Jaime graduated from Leadership Geauga in 2018 and has since made significant professional and personal strides.

During her spare moments of free time, Jaime cherishes trips to Kelley’s Island with her family, including her husband, daughter, and faithful furry companion. She also finds joy in gardening and has a special place in her heart for the Great Geauga County Fair.

Leadership Geauga profoundly impacted Jaime, opening doors to new connections and discoveries about the county she calls home. Applying the knowledge gained from Leadership Geauga, Jaime has fostered better communication in her relationships, benefiting her personal life and work dynamics. Armed with confidence and realistic expectations, she implemented positive changes in policies and procedures at her workplace and boldly ventured into creating her own thriving business, Fisher Integrated Care.

Jaime’s journey didn’t stop there. Her leadership and expertise led her to collaborate with the Ohio Department of Health, advocating for free-standing birth centers and contributing to monthly forums for improving birth centers across Ohio. She remains actively involved in the Geauga County Community Health Plan, giving a voice to Amish women in healthcare.

By joining the National Nurses in Business Association, Jaime combines her passion for healthcare and entrepreneurship, promoting the ideals of women in both fields.

Jaime’s professional growth has been remarkable, transforming her into a stronger and more confident leader. She continues to engage with the community, nurturing her personal development through various social outings and professional pursuits. Striking a healthier work-life balance has also become a priority, allowing her to excel in all aspects of her life.

Notable milestones abound in Jaime’s journey since completing Leadership Geauga. She played a pivotal role in changing total licensure for the birth center, significantly increasing births at the Middlefield Care Center (from 130 to 271 per year and growing!). Additionally, her initiative, Fisher Integrated Care, an independent birth and family medicine practice, collaborates with an OB-GYN, Professional Nurse Midwife, and Certified Nurse Practitioner, which works specifically with the Amish Community in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Jaime Fisher’s story exemplifies the transformative power of Leadership Geauga, shaping leaders who drive positive change and make a lasting impact on their communities.